Local life

Being a citizen of Séné means also sharing a common heritage with all other Sinagot citizens. At each stage in their life and in their daily life, they will at some point have to go to the town hall, discover the schools, the cultural areas. They use the various community halls for their leisure activities. The town's cemetery is an equally important place for the population. Across generations, all these places have evolved but remain symbolic parts of the Sinagots’ daily life and their local heritage.

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All about the water

From farm to farm

History of salt

Industrial heritage

Local life

Manor houses and beautiful estates

Maritime professions


Natural heritage

Passages between land and sea

Religious heritage

Shops and bistrots

Sinagot celebrations

Some anecdotes of Séné

Traditional games and sports

Séné town hall

Le 24 mai 1924, le conseil municipal de Séné décide…