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Ti Anna, it’s not only a restaurant, a bar, a place for exhibitions or events. It’s all of this at the same time! An enjoyable place that welcomes locals and visitors all year round to discover, wander, become enthralled, chat, learn, share, discuss, drink, and feast...

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Séné, an exceptional heritage

Heading for Séné, at the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan, means discovering a fantastic natural heritage where the marine landscapes blend with the surrounding countryside. Throughout the years, the land has lived off agriculture, fishing, and oyster farming. The history of salt here has also left its mark, just like religion has. But, just like elsewhere in the Gulf, you can also find much more ancient remains herer: megaliths.
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Heritage projects

For several years now, the locals have played a role in the Sinagot cultural policy. The creation of a culture-heritage group in 2014 gave rise to several cultural and heritage projects.
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The heritage trails showcase local heritage sites, rich in maritime and agricultural history.
There are three of them in the town: 8 information boards are available along the routes on Langle peninsula, 11 in the eastern villages, and 8 along the routes in the north-east.

Visit Séné with the local residents!
The Greeters for Séné (GPS) are local residents who take you on a walking tour of the town, its heritage sites, trails, and landscapes…
The GPSs aren’t guides: they talk with ease and complete subjectivity about the Séné that they know and love, and want to share with others.

The European Heritage Days (EHD) were created in 1985 by the Minister for Culture, to encourage the public to discover local and national heritage sites, and, in particular, places ordinarily closed to the public (private homes, places of power, protected monuments, etc.).
In Séné, the Heritage Days are an important event in the month of September.
Associations and public services together get involved in a varied and festive programme, so that everyone can discover the different aspects of Sinagot heritage.